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Pennsylvania Trust Hosts Ann Compton at 2017 Investor Seminar

Former White House correspondent Ann Compton spoke to clients and friends at our 2017 Investor Seminar held last night at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford.
In her talk, “Inside the White House,” the news legend shared her experience covering seven presidents and nine presidential campaigns over a 41-year career of on-air reporting for ABC News.
By far her most memorable moment, she said, was being the assigned network news reporter who was covering President Bush’s visit to a Florida school when the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. She was one of two journalists who accompanied the President back to Washington on Air Force One.

Always Optimistic

Compton said that she remained hopeful about the United States. “No matter what you think about President Trump, I am very optimistic about this country.”
She also observed that the markets seem to have taken Trump’s impulsive, improvisational style in stride, often barely reacting to his unpredictable comments.