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Guardianships and Special Needs

The Special Needs Trusts Team members.

Pennsylvania Trust offers unusual expertise in the areas of Special Needs Trusts and Guardianships. Our company and its officers (many of whom are attorneys) are intimately familiar with the formation and administration of these types of accounts and are well known to many Orphans’ Court judges.

We administer guardianships and special needs trusts in many Pennsylvania counties, as well as in other states. Our experience in this area allows us to offer streamlined and efficient discretionary decisions for families, most of which are made and processed within the same business day they are requested.

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Case History


Many families are forced to wait for years during the lifecycle of a lawsuit before a settlement or verdict results in a recovery or award. One of our clients had incurred staggering debt over a five-year period while their personal injury lawsuit was tried and appealed—losing the family home and being forced to rely on a repair-prone vehicle in the process. The lawsuit ultimately resulted in a significant recovery for the family’s brain-damaged child, and they turned to us to help avoid further delays and get back on their feet.


Tapping into Pennsylvania Trust’s broad network of attorneys who are experienced in quickly designing, and—if necessary—securing court approval of the parameters of similar recoveries, we were able to identify a trust counsel who was efficient and had a good reputation in the county where the lawsuit was filed. Working together, we set about the task of swiftly managing the process of securing court approval of a Special Needs Trust for the benefit of the child.


The court, understanding the severity of the circumstances, quickly approved the trust to provide for the child’s needs (including reliable, handicap-accessible transportation), and Pennsylvania Trust was also able to obtain authorization for the purchase of a new family home—giving the family the extraordinary peace of mind that comes with knowing its housing and transportation issues were resolved.