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Guardianships & Special Needs

Pennsylvania Trust offers unusual expertise in the areas of Special Needs Trusts and Guardianships. Our company and its officers (many of whom are attorneys) are intimately familiar with the formation and administration of these types of accounts, and are well known to many Orphans’ Court judges.

We administer guardianships and special needs trusts in many Pennsylvania counties, as well as in other states. Our experience in this area allows us to offer streamlined and efficient discretionary decisions for families, most of which are made and processed within the same business day they are requested.

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Case History

A young man, living at home with his parents, was severely disabled through a workplace accident. Wheelchair-bound and communicating only by computer, he was awarded a substantial settlement. Such cases require both astute financial management and flawless administration. The judge appointed Pennsylvania Trust as guardian.

When the parents decided to build a house that would accommodate his physical requirements, we were there to help them manage contracts and property settlements. When the young man decided to marry, the sensitivity of the trust team was instrumental not only in sorting through the issues of guardianship, but in helping both the family and the new spouse arrive at equitable legal and financial arrangements.

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