Pennsylvania Trust

Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Personalized professional attention

characterizes Pennsylvania’s Trust’s estate, trust, tax and related services. Our seasoned decision-makers, whether acting as trustee, executor, guardian or advisor, work to bring about clients’ long-term goals.

We learn about our clients’ financial circumstances and find imaginative, flexible and individualized solutions. We are committed to maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure prompt, reliable and technically correct handling of our clients’ affairs.

Case History

The burdens of financial responsibility upon the death of a loved one can seem crushing. This is when a trusted relationship can be of great assistance and comfort.

An elderly client of ours was faced with selling her long-time residence upon the death of her spouse. She felt relieved and comforted when we were able to take a lead role in negotiating the sale for her, responding to offers and terms, and participating in the closing.

Because of the special relationship we had developed over the years, she knew that she could rely on Pennsylvania Trust to handle the situation with integrity, keeping her best interests foremost.