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Webinar: The Stock Market Correction and Recent Volatility

On Monday, October 15 Jon Heckscher and Tara Hedlund hosted a webinar to discuss recent market volatility.

Jonathan M. Heckscher is Senior Vice President and Director of Fixed Income and Investment Strategy and Tara Hedlund is Senior Vice President, serving as Portfolio Manager and Senior Equity Analyst for Pennsylvania Trust.

The stock market fell sharply in early October amid ongoing signs of strong economic momentum and higher bond yields. This is the third sizable market correction so far in 2018 — one occurred in early February based on an inflation scare, one in March triggered by President Trump’s initiation of tariffs — but the S&P is still up modestly year-to-date. A number of issues have been blamed for the selloff including:

  • Concerns that the U.S. economy may be running too hot
  • The impact of tariffs on corporate profits
  • Concern that the Federal Reserve may be tightening too aggressively
  • Questions about relative valuations in a late-cycle market and economy

Watch our recorded webinar below for coverage of these topics.


Presentation Materials:

Download Economic Insights October 2018
Download Economic Insights October 2018 – Market Volatility Update