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Growth To Value Rotation Is Evident

Value-based Cyclical shares, laggards in last month’s European sell-off, are starting to outperform their defensive Read more

Shift in Policy Should Further Open China To The Global Markets

Global investment managers no longer need to obtain quotas to buy Chinese stocks and bonds Read more

Manufacturing Industry Showing Cracks

U.S. factories are slowing faster than anticipated as today’s reading of the IHS Markit manufacturing Read more

A Note On The Yield Curve Inversion And Market Reaction

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Today’s inversion of a key part of Read more

Relief Rally In U.S. Sends Markets To An All-Time High vs. International Peers

U.S. equities set a new high relative to their global peers on Tuesday after the Read more

Three Reasons Why Bond Yields Could Actually Rise

As we approach the inversion of the 2-year and the 10-year treasury bonds, there are Read more

Note On Yesterday’s Selloff

Yesterday’s market selloff was a reaction to multiple events that came to a head over Read more

Budget Deal Removes Near-Term Uncertainty…

…But Adds Additional Longer-Term Debt Risk This weekend’s budget deal — agreed to in principal Read more

3%+ Earnings Yield Is A Good Sign For Stocks

While it’s relatively early into earnings season, there are some reassuring signs for stocks. Nearly Read more

Consumer Sentiment

American consumer sentiment moved higher in July, close to its best level in 15 years. Read more

The Real Value of Negative Yielding Bonds

The below chart should help explain why the U.S. Treasury (and to an extent China Read more

The Fed Just Signaled July Is A GO

Fed Chairman Powell’s testimony before congress has affirmed the markets belief that the Fed will Read more

Where We Stand After Last Week’s Data

While the data last week remained consistent with a slowdown in economic growth, the positives Read more

Why The Fed May Not Cut In July

According to Fed Funds Futures, the market is 100% certain of a rate cut by Read more

Stocks Trading In A Range As The Fed Meeting Looms

Deal or no deal? Cut or no cut? Stocks appear stuck in the middle of Read more