Pennsylvania Trust

Commitment to Community

At Pennsylvania Trust, we are committed to making a meaningful and positive contribution to the individuals, families, businesses and communities within our region. We know that the diverse, collective contribution of the nonprofit community is critically important to the well-being of our society today, and that it is rapidly becoming even more important.

We are dedicated to doing all that we can to enhance the effectiveness of our nonprofit clients. Examples include the availability of an in-house consultant who is an expert on philanthropic matters. Our sense of service and commitment extends beyond the business community to our relationship with the larger community we serve.

The many ways our colleagues interact with our community underscore the sincere interest in outreach that is embedded in the fabric of our firm’s culture. The individual stories demonstrate how Pennsylvania Trust associates are engaged in our neighborhoods collectively and individually. The extent to which they are willing to be involved reflects our heart, and the values and integrity that we bring to relationships with our community and clients. It is a source of great pride.

Organizations our associates are involved with:

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