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Jon Heckscher’s Advice for Bryce Harper

Jon Heckscher’s Advice for Bryce Harper

The Philadelphia Business Journal recently asked Jon Heckscher what advice he would give to Bryce Harper, recently signed to the Philadelphia Phillies, if he walked into our office. Here’s what Jon had to say:

Jon Heckscher

“As a professional athlete with a unique financial situation, you will want your financial partner to be a trusted member of the Harper team where the singular focus is on you and your family. Surround yourself with respected advisors who will create an investment game plan to preserve, grow and protect your hard-earned wealth; advisors who have a level of commitment to your family’s financial life equal to the level of dedication you have made to your career. As a Phillie who has the opportunity to engage in meaningful Philanthropy, let your financial wellbeing empower you to make good life decisions both now and in your post-playing career.”

-Jonathan M. Heckscher, Senior Vice President
Chief Investment Officer

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