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Financial Planning

Comprehensive Wealth Management

At Pennsylvania Trust our personal approach to wealth management encompasses many aspects including investment management, trust administration, estate planning and tax services for individuals, families, foundations and endowments.

We believe effective wealth management involves the integration of these services with financial planning as the cornerstone of our client’s overall wealth management strategy. Our financial planners draw on their years of experience in the financial services industry to collaborate with our clients to help them formulate, understand, and achieve their financial goals.

Pennsylvania Trust offers this valuable, complimentary offering as a fully-integrated component of our wealth management service to help our clients protect their wealth and solidify their future and legacy.

Personalized Financial Planning

Pennsylvania Trust has developed a robust and straightforward financial planning process with three distinct components. This process enables you to define your financial planning goals and measure your probability of success of achieving them. We will work together to help you gain a better understanding of your holistic financial picture.


We begin the process by providing a questionnaire which prompts you to compile detailed information about your financial situation. The value of the plan depends on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you provide. We ask you to complete and return the questionnaire and provide supporting documentation.


After we receive your information, our team utilizes sophisticated financial planning software to determine how different components of your financial picture complement one another. This process allows us to ascertain your probability of success of achieving your financial planning goals.


Once the analysis is complete, we meet to review your financial plan and discuss the outcome and our recommendations. As circumstances and market conditions change, you should revisit your financial plan. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate how you are positioned as time and events evolve. Pennsylvania Trust’s financial planning process helps you navigate the complexities of your financial life and gives you control of your financial future.

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