Pennsylvania Trust

Socially Responsible Investing

Using a database of 3,000 companies provided by a third party with extensive experience in social investing we are able to research and evaluate holdings based on various environmental, social, and corporate governance issues as well as traditional controversial topics such as alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. We see this as a process rather than a specific portfolio. In the same way that each of our clients has investment goals, each has unique concerns surrounding social issues.

We begin with a discussion of the issues that most concern our client. We can then screen a portfolio to identify companies that match those concerns and to evaluate the particular events, products, or programs which cause the company to be identified. We can also screen lists of possible additions to portfolios or replacements for certain companies to insure their compliance with a client’s guidelines.

We are able to evaluate current holdings, assess the impact of a client’s wishes on a portfolio, describe the problems or advantages of a particular company and find companies that are appropriate to a client’s viewpoint.