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Relief Rally In U.S. Sends Markets To An All-Time High vs. International Peers

Relief Rally In U.S. Sends Markets To An All-Time High vs. International Peers

U.S. equities set a new high relative to their global peers on Tuesday after the USTR announced it would delay a 10% tariff on some Chinese products and remove others from the tariff list.

The S&P 500 Index’s rally may strengthen the argument that the imposition of tariffs on September first would have negatively effected the U.S. more than the rest of the world.

The continued outperformance of the U.S. also serves as a reminder that the global market is:

  • priced at a 78% discount (using P/E) vs. the U.S.
  • priced below long term P/E averages
  • yields almost 2x the U.S. market

While we firmly believe (and both economic data and markets have shown) the U.S. is healthier than its global peers, we remain constructive on international markets and believe a symbiotic resolution to the Sino-American trade conflict would remove a cloud of uncertainty, lift sentiment, and unclog global supply chains. All of which could lead to a reversion to the long-term mean.

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