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Which Investment Management Strategy Is Right for You?

Which Investment Management Strategy Is Right for You?

As we see it, there is only one correct answer to this question: The right strategy is the one that is uniquely you. Whether you are a family seeking to manage the complex challenges of growing and protecting assets, the investment committee of a nonprofit looking for guidance on asset allocation, or an individual with very particular financial goals, we believe you are entitled to a best-fit investment strategy.

Ours is an increasingly rare approach. Many wealth management companies give portfolio managers limited latitude in portfolio decisions and, often, restrict them to offering clients packaged investment solutions that may better serve the firm’s objectives than the client’s. In contrast, Pennsylvania Trust empowers portfolio managers to personalize client portfolios. We can do this because our portfolio managers are highly experienced, we maintain a low client-to-staff ratio and, as an independent firm, our sole concern is the relationship we have with our clients.

We are committed to results and pursue a highly disciplined investment philosophy and process. Additionally, we are innovative and open to new ideas and change if it benefits our clients. As the financial environment evolves in complexity, we rely on past experience but also value forward thinking, knowing that our clients look to us for effective solutions and trusted advice that meet their needs not only for today and tomorrow, but for generations to come.

Model Strategies

Asset AllocationGrowthEquity IncomeMulti-Cap ValueFixed IncomeSocially Responsible Investing

We regularly combine and modify these strategies to create portfolios as individual as the persons and organizations that own them.